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The new beach
The new beach
The purpose of our pages is to introduce Seget Vranjica, a Dalmatian village with a beautiful location in Trogir's vicinity. The village settled on the peninsula of Cape Vranjica, half of its buildings face south while the other half surrounding Šašina Bay face west. The terrace-like feature of Vranjica streets can be observed from various locations and this is how one of Dalmatia's most spectacular campsites, Vranjica's Belvedere has been arranged, too.

Vacationers find bigger beaches on both ends of the settlement. One of these is the beach of the Belvedere Campsite, where the original rocky coast has been mostly covered with concrete terraces amended by gravel entrances to the sea. On the western side, around Šašina Bay three beaches have been arranged with gravel coasts. The longest and most popular beach here is Bučevica Beach with its palm trees, north of the harbor. More beaches can be found here and there between the two ends of Vranjica, around the peninsula, but the coast is less accessible at several locations here thanks to the apartment buildings and villas built right on the coast.

Bučevica Beach
Bučevica Beach
Everday shopping needs are served by the small grocery store in the village and by the grocery store in Belvedere. On the main road of the Adriatic, on the Magistral one can find a greengrocer and Vranjica has its bakery (Sfinga), as well. Most of the restaurants are on the riva at the harbor (Ribar, Samac, Kamenica). Doctor, dentist and drugstore are located in Vranjica's neighboor, Seget Donji - this is also the center in public administration terms.

Harbor early in the morning
Harbor early in the morning
Seget Vranjica can't boast of a long list of sights and monuments. The one to mention is the Church of Croatian Martyrs, built in 2002 with its tower viewable from quite a distance. Vranjica's neighboor, Seget Donji has a nice old town area and the renaissance Štafilić Tower, but the unquestionable and must-not-miss attraction of the area is Trogir with its old town on UNESCO's World Heritage List (5 km).

To learn more about Seget Vranjica you are kindly invited to browse through our picture gallery, collection of short videos shot in the village. Our map might worth a visit, too, as well as the directory of Vranjica-related websites we compile.

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